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The most versatile license plate holder for Fundraising and Charities
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 Fundraising program using FlexaPlate as fundraising ideas for fund raising with FlexaPlate as custom decorated by disabled and special needs people who need fundraising ideas. license plate cover or license plate holder not a cheap license plate frame but a license plate protector that is a promotional product or promotional item described as an advertising specialty. You can raise money and fundraise use promotional product as a fundraiser for service clubs. Custom designed or custom design for custom decorating FlexaPlate for use as a fund raising idea. Once custom decorated with a patriotic theme for military or Legion or service club these are custom promotional products for raising money or fundraising.

Markets for Decorated


  • Service Clubs: Legion, Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimists, Scouts etc.
  • Churches & religious institutions for fundraising or awareness
  • National Organizations: Heart & Stroke, Cancer Society, MADD
  • National sales organizations: Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef
  • Military: Stores and outlets
  • NASCAR, Professional sports teams and leagues
  • National franchises, companies & professional firms
  • Municipalities: ‘proud to live in’ ‘celebrate ____ with us’
  • University, High School & College, teams, clubs
  • Fraternities, Sororities, Alumni
  • Accounting firms, Real Estate, Insurance Agents
  • Private Clubs, Golf Clubs, sailing, yacht or racing clubs
  • Activist organizations, Save our ‘whatever’ campaigns
  • Antique car or ‘Corvette Clubs’ etc.
  • Parades, swap meets, major events & games
  • Booth in mall, Flee markets, County fair, plowing match
  • Outfitters, Army surplus stores
  • Minor Sports teams and leagues
  • Firefighters, police, EMS, nurses, teachers
  • Unions, trade organizations
  • Local retail stores, restaurants
  • Car Dealers, parts department & luxury cars
  • Auto parts aftermarket, car audio, alarms…
  • Radio Station promotions...

Perferct Tool for Fundraising Schools, Charities, Teams, Organizations, Churches






  • Ideal fundraising tool for charities, teams and organizations.
  • Team or School car wash days, great up-sell to supporters.
  • Perfect for any group that is proud to display their affiliation.
  • Schools, churches, minor sports, clubs and organizations.
  • Drive around with mobile billboards promoting your cause

Fund Raise - Groups with Members - Charity

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